Year: 2022


The Role of CBD in Hair-Care

CBD is an ingredient that is prevalent among various wellness products to date. You can find a wide variety of skin-care, bath, and hair-care products that feature CBD in them. 
Although many claim CBD has wonderful effects on the hair, its effects and benefits are yet to be proven scientifically. 
That said, if you are curious about CBD in hair care, here are a few noted potentials that the ingredient may deliver. 
1: CBD may promote hair growth.

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CBD Skin-Care Brands That Are Worth The Hype

Given the popularity of CBD in skin care, numerous brands are taking advantage of this fascinating ingredient in creating their skin-care products. However, not all of these brands offer the quality and performance of products that the consumer expects to experience. 
If you are looking for a trusted brand that produces top-quality CBD skin-care products, you might want to check these brands out. 
1: Vertly
Vertly is a California-based wellness brand that is renowned …

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Skin-Care

CBD has become a popular skin-care ingredient among various skin-care products and brands to date. CBD-infused skincare is everywhere these days; serums, moisturizers, lip balms, and sunscreens, to name a few. 
However, despite its popularity, the ingredient CBD is still under extensive research and any claims regarding its use in skin care are still not proven scientifically. 
But if you are interested in knowing more about CBD in skin care, here are a few proposed potentials of the wonder ingredient. …

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Review: KandyPens Oura

The KandyPens Oura is your perfect companion for vaping with your favorite concentrates.  This portable dab-rig is crafted to deliver exceptional vapor and showcase e-liquid’s pure flavor and aroma. 
Here are a few of the key points that make the KandyPens Oura one of the best extract vaporizers available currently. 
1: Top-Notch Construction
This portable dab-rig is made with zinc alloy construction which is guaranteed sturdy and dependable for rigorous use. This …

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Does Vape Smell Like Weed?

Although the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is now widely accepted compared to a few years back, some people still find it daunting to smoke the herb as not all people can stomach the scent of it. This is among the many reasons why many weed connoisseurs want to keep their habit hush-hush. 
Now, if you are thinking of whether vaporizers can conceal the scent of weed or if is there any other way to get rid of the smell issue, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on and learn how to use weed without smelling like it for hours. 

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Review: SLX Grinder

If you like to vape dry herbs, then you might want to invest in a good grinder. This tool breaks down the dried herb and increases its surface area. An increased surface area for herbs enhances airflow within the vape device and boosts the heating process.
The SLX Grinder is a great grinder tool to invest in given the following perks it offers. 
1: Excellent Build and Design
The SLX Grinder is constructed with T6 aluminum steel which is durable and dependable. In …

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G-Pen Micro+ Review

G-Pen is one of the most widely known brands of vaporizers given its wide array of product offerings. Their pen-type vaporizers are among the top picks of many vape connoisseurs given their exceptional performance and efficiency. 
Moreover, the G-Pen Micro+ is one of the brand’s top-selling products for many reasons. 
In this quick review, we will discuss why this vaporizer is worth the investment. 
1: Battery
The Micro…

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Dry Herb Vaporizers: How Do They Work?

Are you interested in dry herb vaping? If the answer is yes, then the next thing you’ll need to know is how to enjoy it using a good-quality vaporizer. 
If you are a total beginner at dry herb vaping, you don’t have to worry too much as most dry herb vaporizers work the same. In other words, whether you have a portable device or a desktop dry herb vaporizer, then you are good to go.
That said, here are the key components of a dry herb vaporizer.
Parts of a Dry Herb …

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Tips for Storing Weed The Right Way

In order to keep the freshness of your weed, you need to learn how to properly store it. Doing this allows you to keep your weed in its best quality for longer. 
To help you out, consider following the tips listed below.
1- Know your weed. 
First, it is important to know that there are various weed types, each with its own storage requirements.  For example, cannabis-infused chewable and other edibles that are perishable have their own storage instructions you should …

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Vaping Versus Smoking Weed: What You Need to Know

Many people get the misconception that smoking and vaping are the same. However, the two are completely different and one can be better than the other. Read on if you are toying with the idea of either vaping or smoking weed.
It is a known fact that smoking cigarette is harmful to health. While smoking cigarettes and smoking weed are two different things, you are still bound to suffer the consequences of smoking in general even if you only do the latter. 
In fact, based on research, smoking weed is associated with a …

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