Review: SLX Grinder

If you like to vape dry herbs, then you might want to invest in a good grinder. This tool breaks down the dried herb and increases its surface area. An increased surface area for herbs enhances airflow within the vape device and boosts the heating process.

The SLX Grinder is a great grinder tool to invest in given the following perks it offers. 

1: Excellent Build and Design

The SLX Grinder is constructed with T6 aluminum steel which is durable and dependable. In addition, this material is not only strong but also extremely safe. This grinder is also equipped with neodymium magnets which keep the grinder in place and intact while in use.

2: Patented Ceramic Coating

The teeth of the SLX Grinder are covered with a patented ceramic coating that is non-stick, low-friction, and non-toxic. This feature is present across all premium SLX Grinders. This grinder’s patented ceramic coating makes the grinder a breeze to clean. Moreover, this feature also ensures that the trichome and terpene are kept at optimum levels. 

3: Grind Performance

The SLX Grinder’s overall performance is undoubtedly praiseworthy. This tool grinds down your herbs to exquisite consistency regardless of the type of herb you use. This grinder does not require you to put much effort into the grinding process given that the tool works smoothly. 

Bottom Line

Given all the superb features, performance, and overall quality of the SLX Grinder, we conclude that this tool is definitely worth the purchase. 

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