CBD Skin-Care Brands That Are Worth The Hype

Given the popularity of CBD in skin care, numerous brands are taking advantage of this fascinating ingredient in creating their skin-care products. However, not all of these brands offer the quality and performance of products that the consumer expects to experience. 

If you are looking for a trusted brand that produces top-quality CBD skin-care products, you might want to check these brands out. 

1: Vertly

Vertly is a California-based wellness brand that is renowned for its hemp-infused products. Their best-selling products include lip butters, body lotions, and bath salts which all include CBD in them. 

The brand is committed to producing clean, hand-crafted products that harness the power of natural ingredients such as hemp-derived CBD. 

2: Foria

Apart from skin-care products, Foria also makes a wide variety of wellness products including bath salts and intimacy enhancers. The brand offers both CBD-infused and non-CBD options to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. 

So, if you are looking for a CBD wellness brand that offers a wide variety of self-care products, check out Foria. 

3: Kana

Kana is an LA-based Chinese Korean skin-care brand that focuses on producing top-quality skin-care products from natural sources and CBD. This brand is a significant revolution to K-beauty given its introduction to CBD. 

The brand’s top-seller includes its Lotus CBD Essence Toner, Active Botanical Essence with EGF and CBD, and Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask. 

Kana has been featured in major publications including Forbes, POPSUGAR, The Cut, and NYLON. This was made possible given the brand’s stellar reputation and exemplary CBD-infused skin-care products. 

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