G-Pen Micro+ Review

G-Pen is one of the most widely known brands of vaporizers given its wide array of product offerings. Their pen-type vaporizers are among the top picks of many vape connoisseurs given their exceptional performance and efficiency. 

Moreover, the G-Pen Micro+ is one of the brand’s top-selling products for many reasons. 

In this quick review, we will discuss why this vaporizer is worth the investment. 

1: Battery

The Micro+ comes with an 850 mAh rechargeable battery. This high-technology battery features a chip that receives real-time feedback from the vape’s coil and delivers instant adjustments to the power to keep the coil’s temperature stable. 

2: Mouthpiece

The Micro+ comes with a dual material mouthpiece – it features a ceramic component that cools down the vapor and an outer coating of silicone that safeguards the air path. 

3: Ease of Use

This vaporizer pen is designed to be user and beginner friendly. So, whether you are an enthusiast for a while or you are totally new to vaping, this vaporizer is a great choice.

4: Vapor Quality

This dab pen produces a thick, milky-white, and flavorful vapor which not many pen-type vaporizers can offer.  The G-Pen Micro+ is specifically designed to deliver the best vapor quality and flavor of concentrates. 

Overall Feedback

In conclusion, the G-Pen Micro+ is a great portable device in general. It has excellent battery life, delivers great-quality vapor, and has a reasonable price.

So, if you are planning on purchasing a pen-type vape, we suggest you look into this device. 

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