Tips for Storing Weed The Right Way

In order to keep the freshness of your weed, you need to learn how to properly store it. Doing this allows you to keep your weed in its best quality for longer. 

To help you out, consider following the tips listed below.

1- Know your weed. 

First, it is important to know that there are various weed types, each with its own storage requirements.  For example, cannabis-infused chewable and other edibles that are perishable have their own storage instructions you should follow. 

2 – Choose the right storage container. 

Ideally, you should store your weed products in air-tight containers to keep them fresh for a longer time. Thus, choose a container with a tight lid such as a mason jar or a fortiflower container. 

3 – Keep the ideal temperature in mind.

The ideal temperature for storing weed is around 60°F to 68°F. If you store your weed flower at a place with a higher temperature, the buds will dry out and the terpene level may drop. 

4 – Keep your weed away from light.

The UV rays can be detrimental to the overall quality of weed. Direct exposure to light can cause for the cannabinoid and terpene levels to drop while the weed is in storage. 

5 – Keep humidity at a steady level. 

Keeping humidity at an even level is crucial to weed storage. Extremely low humidity can cause the weed to dry out. High humidity, on the other hand, can cause the weed to develop mildew and mold. 

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